The Oaks

“I John”
Engaged and newly married couples. In Christ there is light, love and life. The apostle John enjoyed delightful fellowship with Christ and wrote the epistle of 1st John to his “little children” in the faith with a desperate desire that they enjoy the same delightful fellowship. Come join us this quarter as we learn more about what it looks like to abide in God’s light and love, and experience the abundant life of Christ. Teacher: Jason Ellerbee. Team Leaders: Bragans, Clarks, Delks, Russells, Shealys.

Where: E-006

Community and Shepherding Pastor: Jason Ellerbee, 205.776.5335

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3-22-20—Jason Ellerbee 5-10-20—Jason Ellerbee
3-29-20—Jason Ellerbee 5-17-20—Jason Ellerbee
4-19-20—Jason Ellerbee
4-26-20—Jason Ellerbee
5-3-20—Jason Ellerbee