The Oaks

“Power in Weakness – II Corinthians”
Engaged and newly married couples. Paul again addresses the church in Corinth. This time instead of a strong rebuke, he offers comfort and encouragement in the midst of suffering while showing them how to find divine strength in their human weaknesses. Teachers: Stephen King & Noah Despinasse. Team Leaders: Bragans, Clarks, Delks, Hermans, Moores, Russells, Travers.

Where: Choir Room

Community and Shepherding Pastor: Jason Ellerbee, 205.776.5335

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3/7/21–Larkin Delk
3/14/21–Larkin Delk
3/21/21–Larkin Delk
3/28/21–Larkin Delk
4/11/21–Larkin Delk