The Oaks

“Timeless Truths from God’s Word”
Engaged and newly married couples. This quarter we will be studying timeless truths from God’s Word. Teacher: Bruce Stallings. Team Leaders: Bragans, Clarks, Delks, Russells, Shealys.

Where: E-006

Community and Shepherding Pastor: Jason Ellerbee, 205.776.5335

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5-10-20—Jason Ellerbee 6-28-20–Bruce Stallings 8-2-20–Bruce Stallings
5-17-20—Jason Ellerbee 7-5-20–Bruce Stallings 8-9-20–Bruce Stallings
6-7-20–Bruce Stallings 7-12-20–Bruce Stallings
6-14-20–Bruce Stallings 7-19-20–Bruce Stallings
6-21-20–Bruce Stallings 7-26-20–Bruce Stallings