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“Christ and Culture”
Families with infants to middle school age children. In society today the number of voices and the pull of agendas is overwhelming. How is the Christian to engage in this environment? What does the Bible mean when it calls us to “be in the world but not of it”? In this course, we will look at what is culture, does the Bible give us parameters to engage culture? Join us as we seek to develop a biblical philosophy of Cultural engagement this quarter! Teacher: Ike Reeder. Team Leaders: Blacks, Cains, Crowes, McCurdy, Morrises, Pruitts, Stewarts, Thompsons.

Where: E-007

Community & Shepherding Pastor: Benny Youngblood, 205.776.5321

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6/17/18—Rob Genin 7/22/18—Rob Genin
6/24/18—Rob Genin 7/29/18—Rob Genin
7/1/18—Rob Genin 8/19/18—Rob Genin
7/8/18—Rob Genin 8/26/18—Rob Genin
7/15/18—Rob Genin