Leveraging Life

“Following Hard After Christ in a COVID-19 World”
A community for early 30’s to 45. The onslaught of COVID-19 and the accompanying disruption of the lives of billions of people around the globe has exposed the reality for many that, in the words of A.W. Tozer, they “know God only imperfectly, and the peace of God scarcely at all.” The Bible, however, tells a different story—a story of hope and joy in the face of the challenges of life. Join us this quarter as we learn to follow hard after Christ regardless of our circumstances. Teacher: Todd Carlisle. Team Leaders: Baxter, Cagle, Dale, Hester, McKnight.

Where: M-210

Community Pastor: Stephen King, 205.776.5186

Shepherding Pastor: Benny Parks, 205.776.5265

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2/7/16—J Warner Wallace 6/28/20–Todd Carlisle
3/29/20—Mark Cushman
6/7/20–Todd Carlisle
6/14/20–Todd Carlisle
6/21/20–Todd Carlisle






5/31/20–Mark Cushman 5/31/20—Audio5/31/20—Notes

5/24/20–Mark Cushman 5/24/20—Audio5/24/20—Notes

5/17/20–Mark Cushman 5/17/20—Audio5/17/20—Notes

5/10/20–Mark Cushman 5/10/20—Audio5/10/20—Notes

5/3/20–Mark Cushman 5/3/20—Audio5/3/20—Notes

4/26/20–Mark Cushman4/26/20—Audio4/26/20—Notes

4/19/20–Mark Cushman4/19/20—Audio4/19/20—Notes

4/12/20–Mark Cushman4/12/20—Notes

4/5/20–Mark Cushman