Leveraging Life

“Work as Worship”
A community for early 30’s to 45. Have you ever held a seamless garment in your hands? As the word suggests, there are no seams – one aspect of the garment simply moves into the other and as a result each portion of the garment is integrated with the other. The goal of this course is to help us think about our lives as seamless-with love for God and our hope in the Gospel integrated into all our life. Specifically, we will explore the first three chapters of Genesis to learn how to make Christ preeminent in our vocation, family and culture. Teacher: Seth Richardson. Team Leaders: Baxter, Cagle, Dale, Hester, McKnight.

Where: M-210

Community Pastor: Stephen King, 205.776.5186

Shepherding Pastor: Benny Parks, 205.776.5265

Inklings Intro (Power Point)Mythopoeia


2/7/16—J Warner Wallace