Young married couples starting families. In the gospel of Luke, we discover the humanity of Christ as God manifested Himself in the flesh. Luke, writing to the Greeks, presents Christ as the Perfect Man who came to seek and save sinful men. This quarter we will seek to find our identity in the One who identified with us. Teacher: Jason Ellerbee. Team Leaders: Durbins, Flanikens, Godwins, Iveys, Pursers.

Where: E-004

Community and Shepherding Pastor: Jason Ellerbee, 205.776.5335

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 12/6/20–Jason Ellerbee 3/28/21–Rob Genin
12/13/20–Jason Ellerbee 4/11/21–Rob Genin
3/7/21–Rob Genin 4/18/21–Rob Genin
3/14/21–Rob Genin 5/9/21–Rob Genin
3/21/21–Rob Genin