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“Our Family History”
Empty-nesters through great-grandparents

Many of us have done DNA tests or have joined to find our family roots, but we don’t appreciate the history of our covenant family with whom we will spend eternity. This quarter we will look at a cast of OT characters to get to know our adopted grandparents, great-uncles, great-aunts, and long-lost cousins as fellow members of the family of God. Teacher: Andy Cheely. Team Leaders: Hulls, Mujumdars, Shaws. 

Where: A-105

Community & Shepherding Pastor: Mark Cushman, 205.776.5350

November 28
Parables, Self Confidence–Mark Cushman
Video • Notes

November 21
Parables, Prevailing Prayer–Mark Cushman
Video • Notes

November 14
Parables, The Dishonest Manager–Mark Cushman
Video • Notes

November 7
Parables, The Forgiving Father–Mark Cushman
Video • Notes

October 17
Parables, Loving Losers–Mark Cushman
Video • Notes

October 3
Parables, The Price Tag–Mark Cushman
Video • Notes

September 26
Parables, The Great Banquet–Mark Cushman
Video • Notes

September 19
Parables, The Crucial Danger–Mark Cushman
Video • Notes

September 12
Parables, The Net–Mark Cushman
Video • Notes

September 5
Parables, Treasure–Mark Cushman
Video • Notes