In One Accord

“The Worldly Church: A Call to Repentance”
A community for 40’s and up. The Apostle Paul seeks to bring a worldly church in the city of Corinth back to its Savior. In bringing the truth of the Gospel, Paul exposed the false teaching found in the church and invited the people to true church. Through this in-depth study of the book of First Corinthians we will discover the whole truth of the Gospel. Teacher: Chris Thompson. Team Leader: Lance Garrison.

Where: W-202 (next to elevator on 2nd floor of Worship Center foyer)

Community Pastor: Chris Thompson, 205. 776.5239

Shepherding Pastor: Benny Parks, 205.776.5265

Lesson Audio
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9/6/20–Chris Thompson 10/25/20–Chris Thompson
9/20/20–Chris Thompson
9/27/20–Chris Thompson
10/11/20–Chris Thompson
10/18/20–Tom & Sylvia Dickson


Lesson Video

9/6/20–Chris Thompson 10/18/20–Tom & Sylvia Dickson
9/13/20–Chris Thompson 10/25/20–Chris Thompson
9/20/10–Chris Thompson
9/27/20–Chris Thompson
10/11/20–Chris Thompson