Growing In Grace

“Exploring the Heart of God” • E-005
Families with infants to middle school age children • Because of our sin nature, we all have a default mode to misunderstand God’s heart for his people. Understanding the heart of our Triune God can help our “inner Pharisee” find rest, while calling our “inner prodigal son” out of shame and guilt. Largely influenced by Dane Ortlund’s book, Gentle and Lowly, we will spend time this quarter diving in to what the Bible says about God’s love toward His people. Teacher: Ryan Akers. Team Leaders: Marshalls, Martins, Thompsons. CP: Eric Reebals. SP: Ray Tucker.

Community Pastor: Eric Reebals, 205.776.5338

Shepherding Pastor: Ray Tucker, 205.776.5303

Dan Rupple – NMC21 – 10/24/21