Growing In Grace

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“Gospel of Mark”
Young couples with infants to middle school age children. Jesus’ Call to Authentic Discipleship. The opening of Mark’s Gospel says, “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” Authentic discipleship involves a radical commitment to both receive the “Good News” that Jesus Christ is the Lord and the urgent task to retell this “Good News” to those around us. Join us as we unpack Mark’s Gospel and what it means to be a disciple and to go and make new disciples that long to follow Him. Teacher: Michael Wichlan. Team Leaders: Marshalls, Martins, Thompsons.

Where: E-005

Community Pastor: Eric Reebals, 205.776.5338

Shepherding Pastor: Ray Tucker, 205.776.5303

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9/9/18—Jonathan Wood 10/14/18—Jonathan Wood
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