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“4 Faces of Christ”
Young couples with infants to elementary age children. Although we have no idea what Jesus physically looked like (other than Isaiah saying The Anointed One would not stand out in a crowd), we do have 4 separate paintings of the same Savior and His message as given by 4 different men; one of whom never physically saw Christ, another likely only saw Him from a distance. As we work through each of the “faces” presented, the hope is to see the King and His Kingdom in a much clearer light. Teacher: George Shamblin. Team Leaders: Dixons, Jeffs, Pettys.

Where: E-008

Class Elders: John Adcock; Billy Ball; David Moore

Community Pastor: Ryan Leib, 205.776.5114

Shepherding Pastor: Ray Tucker, 205.776.5303

Lesson Audio
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9/30/18—Glenn Draper 11/11/18—Glenn Draper 12/30/18—George Shamblin
10/7/18—Todd Carlisle 11/25/18—Glenn Draper 1/6/19—George Shamblin
10/14/18—Glenn Draper 12/2/18—George Shamblin 1/13/19—George Shamblin
10/21/18—Ryan Alford 12/9/18—George Shamblin
11/4/18—Todd Carlisle 12/16/18—Beau Green