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“A Survey of the New Testament”
Empty nesters and grandparents. Grace and Glory Revealed—this quarter-long study looks at the historical environment of the New Testament and explains the arrangement and major themes of the books so that a Christian is equipped to understand and apply their meaning. Teacher: Rob Genin. Team Leaders: Cartwrights, Mullises, Yanceys.

Where: G-101

Community Pastor: Phil Reddick, 205.776.5451

Shepherding Pastor: Dave Lewis, 205.776.5347

Lesson Audio
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3-22-20—Rob Genin 4-26-20—Rob Genin 5-31-20–Rob Genin
3-29-20—Rob Genin 5-3-20—Rob Genin
4-5-20—Rob Genin 5-10-20—Rob Genin
4-12-20—Rob Genin 5-17-20–Rob Genin
4-19-20—Rob Genin 5-24-20–Rob Genin