Christmas at Briarwood

Christmas and the entire season of Advent is a very special time at Briarwood. Here you will find activities and special events for every member of the family. This year’s schedule includes:

Nov. 18–19 —  9:30 a.m.——– Christmas at the Caroline House —— Fellowship Hall/
———————-6:30 p.m.–——————————————————————-Caroline House

Dec. 6 ———– 10:00 a.m. —— Angel Tree Christmas Carnival ———– Gymnasium

Dec. 7 ———– 6:00 p.m. ——–Children’s Choirs Program—————-—Worship Center

Dec. 10–12 —- 6:45 p.m.——– Walk Through Nativity——————–— Church Grounds

Dec. 14———–6:00 p.m.——-  Briarwood Ballet————-—                    Worship Center————

Dec. 21———–6:00 p.m.———Christmas Festival———————-—–   Worship  Center

Dec. 24———–5:00 p.m.———Family Candlelight Service————–—Worship Center
———————11:00 p.m.-—— Communion Candlelight Service—æ— Worship Center

Dec. 28———–6:00 p.m.———Geoffrey Andrews in Concert——      —Worship  Center