Staff Directory

I. Senior Leadership Team

Harry Reeder

Senior Pastor/Teacher

Phone: 205.776.5204

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Bruce Stallings

Executive Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5364

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Frank Barker, Jr.

Pastor Emeritus

Phone: 205.776.5201

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Dorel Elliott

Admin Assistant, Pastor Emeritus

Phone: 205.776.5320

Marie Gathings

Admin Assistant, Senior Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5204

Amy Lattner

Admin Assistant, Executive Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5364

II. Shepherding Team

Benny Youngblood

Shepherding Team Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5321

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Jennifer Bentley

Admin Assistant, Counseling

Phone: 205.776.5281

June Cork

Special Connections Director

Phone: 205.776.5291

Alison Craig

Nursery Supervisor

Phone: 205.776.5214

Mark Cushman

Pastoral Care Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5350

Dorel Elliott

Admin Assistant, Trailblazers

Phone: 205.776.5320

Howard Eyrich

Counseling Ministry Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5344

Dave Lewis

Shepherding Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5347

Wendy Long

Admin Assistant, Membership

Phone: 205.776.5208

Dave Matthews

Christian Education and Family Ministry Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5211

Lynn McWaters

Assimilation Coordinator

Phone: 205.776.5387

Janet Norden

Admin Assistant, Shepherding Team

Phone: 205.776.5282

Chris Thompson

Mercy Ministry Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5239

Ray Tucker

Membership Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5303

Tami Wells

Admin Assistant, Pastoral Care

Phone: 205.776.5227

Adelaide Williams

Admin Assistant, Membership

Phone: 205.776.5208

III. Ministries Team

Benny Parks

Ministries Team Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5265

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Kathryn Allen

BYG Staff

Phone: 205.776.5105

Dan Allison

Evangelism Coordinator

Phone: 205.776.5289

Braxton Baker

Raiders Staff

Phone: 205.776.5252

Max Bunn

College Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5302

Clay Campbell

Minister of Worship and Music

Phone: 205.776.5228

Penny Campbell

Children’s Choir Coordinator

Phone: 205.776.5353

Betsy Cooper

Mother’s Day Out Director

Phone: 205.776.5206

Page Dollar

Admin Assistant; Singles/Graduates & Career and Children's Ministry

Phone: 205.776.5526

Leah Doss

Admin Assistant; Music Ministry

Phone: 205.776.5229

Amy Downs

BYG Staff

Phone: 205.776.5272

Jason Ellerbee

Singles/Graduates & Career Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5335

Julie Elmer

Women’s Ministry Director

Phone: 205.776.5258

John Evans

Children’s Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5181

Daniel Friday

BYG Staff

Phone: 205.776.5271

Mary Ann Friday

Raiders Staff

Phone: 205.776.5161

Debbie Johnson

Mother’s Day Out Director

Phone: 205.776.5206

Stephen King

BYG Outreach Director

Phone: 205.776.5186

Barbara Lindsey

Children’s Program Coordinator

Phone: 205.776.5266

Raleigh Macoy

Children's Sunday School/VBS Director

Phone: 205.776.5251

Jeremy Moore

Music Associate

Phone: 205.776.5376

Eric Reebals

Director of Evangelism and Discipleship

Phone: 205.776.5338

Leigh Ann Reese

Admin Assistant, Ministries Team

Phone: 205.776.5301

Jay Shaw

Youth Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5389

Meagan Snow

Admin Assistant, Youth and College

Phone: 205.776.5269

Christian Terrell

Admin Assistant, Women’s Ministry

Phone: 205.776.5311

Bree Wiersma

Graduates & Career Women's Coordinator

Phone: 205.776.5295

IV. Missions Ministries Team

Rebecca Caskey

Admin Assistant, Church Revitalization

Phone: 205.776.5399

Laura Danner

Director of ESOL and Friendship Partners

Phone: 205.776.5343

Lynn Downing

National Ministries and Church Revitalization Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5290

Kotaro Hamamatsu

Japanese Community Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5412

Jacob Jasin

International Student Ministry Coordinator

Phone: 205.776.5416

Jonathan Kim

Korean Community Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5414

Ginnie Lane

Admin Assistant, Global Ministry

Phone: 205.776.5279

Beth McCoun

Mission Minded Kids Director

Phone: 205.776.5410

Sarah Stewart

Admin Assistant, National and Urban Ministries

Phone: 205.776.5243

Brad Taylor

Hispanic Community Pastor

Phone: 205.776.5413

V. Administrative Services Team

Matt Moore

Church Administrator

Phone: 205.776.5202

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Angelia Ashley

Scheduling Secretary

Phone: 205.776.5317

Dave Balius

Communications Director

Phone: 205.776.5377

Frank Barker, III

Audio Visual Manager

Phone: 205.776.5277

Wayne Gainey

Maintenance Director

Phone: 205.776.5231

Rebecca Galbreath

Print Shop Manager

Phone: 205.776.5245

Steve Goebel

Facilities and Grounds Director

Phone: 205.776.5230

Pat Hammond

Bookstore Manager

Phone: 205.776.5209

Alisa Hyde

Weekly Publications Editor

Phone: 205.776.5217

Anna Jackson

Contributions and Payroll

Phone: 205.776.5220

Kathy McGinnis

Accounts Payable

Phone: 205.776.5242

Landon McKee

Graphic Designer

Phone: 205.776.5216

Jeanette Minor

Director of Accounting

Phone: 205.776.5221

Jesse Reagan

WLJR Manager/Media Engineer

Phone: 205.776.5270

Catherine Russell

Admin Assistant, Church Administrator

Phone: 205.776.5205

Pam Schatz

Staff Accountant

Phone: 205.776.5359

Hadden Smith

Video Ministry Manager

Phone: 205.776.5278

Sherri Smith

Food Services Manager

Phone: 205.776.5374

Kathy Stallings

Church Librarian

Phone: 205.776.5215

Ryan Westbrook

BCS IT Network Administrator

Phone: 205.776.5431

Rick Winsett

Shipping and Receiving

Phone: 205.776.5218

Jonathan Wood

IT Network Administrator

Phone: 205.776.5219

VI. Board Directed Ministries

Byrle Kynerd

Director of Board Directed Ministries

Phone: 205.776.5296

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Lisa Allen

Briarwood Ballet Office Manager

Phone: 205.776.5284

Kent Bailey

Campus Outreach International Director

Phone: 205.776.5550

David Counts

Admin Assistant, YBL

Phone: 205.776.5454

Jackie Hamamatsu

Registrar, BTS

Phone: 205.776.5354

Scott Hannah

Quest Recreation Outreach Director

Phone: 205.776.5361

Irene Hayes

Admin Assistant, BTS

Phone: 205.776.5356

Karen Hux

Exec Assistant to BCS Superintendent

Phone: 205.776.5902

Thad James

Vice President, BTS

Phone: 205.776.5386

Kate King

Admin Assistant, CMMA

Phone: 205.776.5470

Tommye Lambert

WBL Director

Phone: 205.776.5453

Ryan Leib

Briarwood Soccer Club Director

Phone: 205.776.5114

Maureen May

Admin Assistant, YBL

Phone: 205.776.5458

Barrett Mosbacker

Superintendent of Briarwood Christian Schools

Phone: 205.776.5902

Bobby Parks

Director of Christian Medical Ministry of Alabama

Phone: 205.776.5471

Kelly Patrick

Aerobics Coordinator

Norm Patterson

CMMA Dental ministry Director

Phone: 205.436.2277

Phil Reddick

Director of Young Business Leaders

Phone: 205.776.5451

Seth Richardson

Director of Briarwood Fellows

Phone: 205.776.5223

Brandon Robbins

Director of Distance Education, BTS

Phone: 205.776.5223

Olan Stubbs

Campus Outreach Director

Phone: 205.776.5510

Kenn Tolle

Briarwood Ballet Artistic Director

Phone: 205.776.5264

Peggy Townes

Executive Director Briarwood Ballet

Phone: 205.776.5193

Glenn Waddell

President, BTS

Phone: 205.776.5280

Katie Willis

Admin Assistant, Quest

Phone: 205.776.5237