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Welcome to Briarwood’s Sermon Library. Here you can find chronologically all of our Sunday morning and evening sermons delivered from the Briarwood pulpit from January 2010 to date. If you would like to request a particular sermon or series not currently available online, please contact us. Sermons delivered by Briarwood staff are available in transcription form by the Friday following message delivery. You can sort sermons by any of the colored links in the title by clicking on the desired sort. Listen to a stream of the sermon audio by clicking the arrow, or save an mp3 copy of the sermon by right clicking “Download” and using the “Save as” or “Save target as” options.

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One Thing We Can Agree On

A Joint Service of Thanksgiving

A Royal Manifesto of the Kingdom from the King

Christ Above All

Heaven & Hell: The Final State

The Believer’s Forever Home

A Royal Manifesto of the Kingdom from the King

Life Choice #3: Firm Foundation or Faulty Foundation?

Heaven & Hell: The Final State

The Importance of the Doctrine of Hell

For Coming Generations

Committed to Greater Things: Making a Memorial

Heaven & Hell: The Final State

Why the Judgement and What Will Happen?

For Coming Generation

A Gospel Equipping Church

Jesus’ Dinner Plans

Greater Things Are Yet to Come

Why Some People Are Still Lost