Global Ministry Partners


Briarwood supports individual ministries under the supervision of the agencies below.

Global Agencies

ADVIM - Adventures in Missions
ABC – African Bible Colleges, Inc

AIM – Africa Inland Mission
AMG – AMG International

AV – Avant
BEE – Bee World

CAM – Camino Global
CBI – Christ Bible Institute Japan
CCC - Campus Crusade for Christ International
CCCD – Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf
CFCI – Christ for the City International
CH – China Horizion
CH - Christian Heritage
CMA – Caribbean Ministry Association
COAU – Campus Outreach Australia
COB – Campus Outreach Brazil
COIN – Campus Outreach International Network
COT - Campus Outreach Thailand
CRM – Church Resource Ministries
COA – Cry of Africa
CS – Christar
CSA – Christian Reformed Church of South Africa

CW – Crossworld
DMS – D. M. Stearns Ministry
EQU – Equip
ESMI – El Shaddai Ministries International
GE – Global Empowerment
GEM – Greater Europe Mission

GOM – Gospel Outreach Mission
GPCNZ – Grace Presbyterian Church New Zealand
GVM – Guillermo Villanueva Ministries
I55 – Go Ye Fellowship
II – Impact International, Inc
IL – Interlink
ISI – International Students Inc

IXO – International Exchange Organization
LT – La Travesia
MAF – Mission Aviation Fellowship
MTI – Multiplying Teams International
MTW – Mission to the World
NAV – Navigators

NPCM – National Presbyterian Church of Mexico
NTM – New Tribes Mission

PAM – Partners in Asian Missions
PEF – Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship, Inc
PMI – Presbyterian Mission International
SAM – South America Mission, Inc
SIM – Serving in Mission
TEAM – The Evangelical Alliance Mission
TE – TruthXchange

III Mill - Third Millenium Ministries

TWR – Trans World Radio
UFM – Unevangelized Field Mission

UWM – United World Mission
WBO – Won by One, International
WGM – World Gospel Mission

WHM – World Harvest Mission
WR - World Reach