Faith Promise

Briarwood’s Global Ministry is funded through the Faith Promise approach to giving. During the Global Ministry Conference, members will have an opportunity to make a Faith Promise commitment.

Our 2015 Faith Promise video:

Our 2015 Faith Promise Goals:

What is Faith Promise?

A Faith Promise commitment is an agreement between you and God, that as God enables, you will give a specific amount during the year to the Global Missions program. This is a commitment to give by faith, based on God’s promises, expecting Him to enable you to give it.

What is the Biblical Basis for It?

2 Corinthians 8 and 9; 1 Chronicles 29:14,16; Luke 6:38; Malachi 3:10; Psalm 37:5; 2 Chronicles 9:6

What Does it Entail?

Faith Promise requires a commitment. It is committing  yourself to a specific amount of money, and by faith, based on God’s promises, expect Him to enable you to give it. This helps you to reprogram your whole life priority system so you begin to actively look for God’s provision.

Who is Called to Participate?

God’s Word instructs all believers to go and reach. Presently, 48% of Briarwood families participate financially in the Faith Promise commitment. Pray that every family would be involved.

How is a Faith Promise Supplied?

From the experience of many individuals and churches, there are three general ways God uses to supply a faith promise.

  • God provides money in dramatic, unexpected ways
  • God leads people to reorder their priorities
  • God shows people creative ways to generate income to give

How Do I Make a Faith Promise?

  • Pray – for what the Lord would have you do and know that what He commands He also enables.
  • Commit – yourself to make a Faith Promise, realizing that your faith will grow as you stay committed to that promise.
  • Look – for the different ways God will use you to give your faith promise.
  • Give—faithfully as God enables you.

For a Faith Promise Card, please contact The Missions Office (205)776-5279.