Mountain View

Please come and join our Sunday School Community for fellowship, Bible study, encouragement, and ministry opportunities.

“Exploring Grace and the Pursuit of Holiness”
Jerry Bridges, in his book The Discipline of Grace, asks the following questions: What is God’s role and what is your role in the pursuit of holiness? We will explore these questions, and more importantly, what Scripture has to say as we as Christians continue to grow in our pursuit of becoming more like Jesus.

All ages and stages of life

9:30–10:30 a.m.

Frank Wright

Team Leaders
Adamses, Blackmons, Goulds, Lindseys

Community Pastor
Howard Eyrich

Shepherding Pastor
Dave Lewis

A-209 A-209

Winter/Spring 2015 Lesson Audio—Thessalonians
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Introductory Lesson I Thessalonians 5
I Thessalonians 1 II Thessalonians 1
I Thessalonians 2–3 II Thessalonians 2
I Thessalonians 4 II Thessalonians 3

Spring 2014 Psalm Lessons

Lesson 1          Lesson 5

Lesson 2          Lesson 6

Lesson 3

Lesson 4


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