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“Faith, Work and Economics”
This class will explain the biblical principles that have emerged in the history of Western civilization, show how these served as foundational for the founding of America, and then trace our departure from them.

For: Young couples with infants to elementary age children

Time: 9:30–10:30 a.m.

Teacher: Paul Cleveland

Team Leaders: Jeffs, Pettys, Simmonses

Class Elders: John Adcock; Billy Ball; Gene Head, Jr.

Community Pastor: Ryan Leib, 205.776.5114

Shepherding Pastor: Ray Tucker, 205.776.5303

Where: E-006

Lesson Audio
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4/24/16—Rob Genin 6/5/16—Paul Cleveland 8/7/16—Paul Cleveland
5/1/16—Rob Genin 6/12/16—Josh & Jennifer Calhoun 8/14/16—Paul Cleveland
5/8/16—Rob Genin 6/26/16—Paul Cleveland 8/21/16—Paul Cleveland
5/22/16—Rob Genin 7/17/16—Paul Cleveland
5/29/16—Rob Genin 7/24/16—Paul Cleveland