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“Conquering Spirit Quenchers”
The Apostle Paul in his epistles exhorts us not to grieve or quench the Holy Spirit. So, how do we avoid quenching the Spirit within us and live Spirit filled lives? In this study we will explore God’s Word to learn the keys to not indulging our flesh and quenching the Spirit, but instead walking in obedience and the illuminating of the Spirit. In the process, we will tackle potential Spirit quenchers like shame, anxiety, temptation, failure, and many others.

Young married couples starting families

9:30–10:30 a.m.

Ray Tucker

Team Leaders
Jeffs, McAlpins, Pettys, Simmonses

Class Elders
John Adcock; Billy Ball; Gene Head, Jr.

Community Pastor
Ryan Leib

Shepherding Pastor
Ray Tucker



Lesson Audio
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1/11—Mark Cushman 3/1—Ray Tucker 5/3/15—Ray Tucker
1/18—Mark Cushman 3/22—Ray Tucker 5/21/15—Hugh Jacks
2/1—Mark Cushman 4/5—Ray Tucker
2/8—Mark Cushman 4/12—Ray Tucker
2/15—Mark Cushman 4/19—Tom Bradford